Wedding Planning Tips from Ms. Mavreen Macalindong

Planning for a wedding is never a joke. Before you can come up with a magical celebration, you have to go through a lot of things first. The thing is, you also need to prepare yourself for the big challenges that are about to come.

Now, to help you more, here are some wedding planning tips from Ms. Mavreen Macalindong of Mavie Events Management:

Be Calm.

Weddings are always like roller coaster rides. Now, imagine if you are getting married. Apart from the personal decisions you have to take, you also have to take care of things to ensure a great wedding. Challenging, right? However, no matter how tough things get, you have to be really calm. Too much stress and drama may not be too helpful. After all, presence of mind is also necessary to come up with sound decisions. And that’s something you won’t easily have when you’re not being calm. Also, it is important to surround yourself with people who are also calm by nature. This is the reason why, according to Ms. Mavreen, she always remains calms. That helps her clients a lot.

Hire a Wedding Planner

Wedding planning and preparation can be really challenging. This is why it is still recommended that you hire a wedding planner. Through a professional wedding planner or coordinator, you can still ensure that things will be taken care of no matter how stressed you already are. If you ever opt to go DIY, you still have to avail of turnover coordination services, so you can be sure that a professional wedding coordinator will coordinate with the different suppliers on the wedding day itself. She will also ensure that plans will be executed. Of course, no matter how hands-on you are, you will still have to enjoy on your special day.

Book Your Suppliers Early

There are couples who book their planners years before their wedding. According to Ms. Mavreen, booking your wedding planner early is not just a good way to prepare things in advance. It is also a great way to prepare yourself financially. “When you book your supplier early, you can already pay little by little. It’s better than doing a one-time big time payment,” she said. The good thing about Ms. Mavreen is that she actually encourages couples to do this. Same thing goes for venues, particularly churches. According to her, sometimes you have to book top-choice churches a year or two before your wedding to ensure your slot.