Package 1: Full Planning & Coordination Services


If you are starting from scratch and has practically no idea where to start your wedding planning; or you simply want to have your wedding preparation handled by experts while you sit back and relax until the big day, this is our recommended package for you. Complete assistance in the planning and preparation of all the event details, from start to finish.


PRE-EVENT, WEDDING DAY PROPER and POST-EVENT services that include wedding planning kits, match-up with pre-screened professional wedding merchants, unlimited meetings, comprehensive assistance from the pre-wedding to post-reception preparations and more.


  • Advise and consultation on budget planning and management; wedding etiquette, trends and customs; selection of music for the ceremony, reception and dinner
  • Scout for the ideal venues for your wedding – from the church ( or ceremony site) to the reception
  • Conceptualize wedding reception program
  • Refer and meet with the Emcee to discuss the program with
  • Match-up with pre-screened professional wedding merchants and providers, as well as assistance in the review of contracts
  • Unlimited meet-ups for detail discussions within Metro Manila
  • Oversee of wedding invitations. We check the addressing and content/ appropriateness of your invitation cards as well as source for the best calligrapher for your invites
  • Create content and select readings for the  Missalette and wedding ceremony program
  • Arrange the venue for you , such as the room layout, seating and place card placements, floral arrangements, seating and place cards arrangements, cake table set-up, gift tables, stage, musicians, audio-visual set-up, dance floor, microphone, indoor pyrotechniques , balloons, etc., in coordination with the venue manager and/or caterer
  • Plan and coordinate wedding rehearsals and/or bridal shower
  • Provide RSVP services (by SMS if within the Philippines only; by landline phone if within Metro Manila only)
  • Final check on the wedding arrangements, requirements,  wedding day schedule, copy of the programs, arrangements made with the service providers, and guest list


  1. Check on the bride 5 hours before the ceremony, and coordinate on last minute details. A staff is assigned to assist the bride with the general preparation such as donning of the bridal gown; getting into the bridal car and during the bridal entrance
  2. Assist in laying out of wedding gown and all bridal items and accessories for the pictorials
  3. Check the flower count delivered for the principal sponsors and entourage
  4. Monitor on the tasks delegated to Hair and Make-up stylist, photographers, and videographers, Florists, Bridal Car
  5. Assemble items for the reception: gifts, favors; wines, etc.
  6. Assemble items for the wedding ceremony:  Missalettes/programmes, veil, cord, matches, unity candle (if applicable), flowers, etc.
  7. Provide client with entourage duties during the ceremony and reception
  8. Facilitate in minor tasks such as coordinate payment for suppliers, order meals , etc


  1. Coordinate with the Church staff/ceremony venue manager
  2. Check the ceremony venue set-up, such as seating arrangements of entourage/sponsors/parents; couple’s pews and chairs; set-up of the two big candles and/or the Unity Candle Set; musician’s seating arrangements; carpet laying; delivery and set up of flower decoration
  3. Ensure the prompt arrival of the musicians and singer; the Officiating Priest/Minister; the lector,  commentator, and readers (Catholic)-or equivalent
  4. Take charge with the distribution of corsages, bouquets and boutonnieres to the entourage; and the Missalettes or wedding programs
  5. Provide instructions to the attendants on seating plan of Sponsors: Principal, Secondary, other Bridal Entourage
  6. Assemble the veil, cord, matches, candles, offertory items, ring and arras pillows; and hand over the items correspondingly
  7. Assist in the Processional line-up
  8. Collect for safekeeping the candles, veil, cord, arras and arras pillows, and the copy of marriage license (if provided) after the ceremony
  9. Final check to ensure items are intact before leaving the venue


A. About 3 to 5 hours prior the arrival of the bridal party

  • Final check on room set-up: the   table orientation;  stage/dance floor and general layout of the area; set-up of presidential table, registration tables (if   applicable), gift table, reception table, and/or guest book table; seating and place cards; placement of special linens on tables; table numbers and chair counts per table
  • Check deliveries of cake and set-up of cake display; flowers and decoration set-up; and souvenirs and give-away
  • Check the arrival of the musicians, sound systems,  entertainers, host/emcee, AVP equipment (if applicable)
  • Coordinate with the Maitre’d or Captain Waiter and the Banquet representative
  • Coordinate with photographers and videographers
  • Ensure that the gift table is manned to oversee the gifts

B. Upon arrival of the Bridal Party

  • Arrange the reception line of the bridal party
  • Handle the registration/reception of guests: informing them of table/seating assignments
  • Assist in accounting for  the received gifts
  • Line up bridal party for the entrance and announcements (if in the program)

Cue the host in various parts of the program; and assist in the following:

  1. cue Best Man, respective father of Bride and Groom for the Toasting
  2. cue Bride and Groom for cake cutting
  3. cue Bride for bouquet throw
  4. cue Bride and Groom for the garter throw
  5. cue and assist attendants for distribution of gifts/ souvenirs/ give-away to sponsors and entourage
  • Assist in Guest Book signing
  • Assist the emcee/host in keeping track of the minutes of each event segment to ensure program continuity
  • Assist in scheduling the meals of the different service providers present at the reception
  • Course payments to the suppliers at the end of the reception event
  • Assist in packing all gifts and personal items used during the ceremony and reception;  There will be a corresponding “TURNOVER CHECKLIST” during this part
  • Assist in packing leftovers, distribution of wedding cake, and other items as per the client request.