Mavie Events Management: More than Just Wedding Coordination

Behind every wonderful wedding is a good wedding coordinator. Usually behind the scene, the wedding coordinator ensures that everything runs smoothly on the wedding day itself. Yet, as we all know, weddings are not just about glamor and elegance. It involves a lot of hard work, too. And if thereid be one person to know about all these, it would be none other than the wedding coordinator.

There are a lot of things going on in the head of a wedding coordinator. While the couples and their guests are having a time of their life, it is the wedding coordinator who is still faced with so many things, with a couple of decisions waiting to be made. However, she should never panic. She has, in fact, to keep her cool and ensure that every job is done without stressing herself out so much. This, I realized, is never a joke most especially when I met Ms. Mavreen Macalindong of Mavie Events Management.

She was busy preparing for a wedding that afternoon. Meaning, she had to talk to a lot of people, oversee lots of things, and make quick yet sound decisions. Yet, she remained calm. According to her, it is the duty of a wedding coordinator to ensure everything is alright during the wedding. And the thing is, that cannot be achieved if the coordinator herself is already panicking and losing her mind. ìItis a test of patience, really, that is why if you donit really love what you are doing, youill give up eventually, she remarked about the profession.

Professionalized passion
Events has always been among Ms. Mavie is passions. In fact, before she embraced the world of weddings, she used to work for a car company. She took care of events like races there and had a great time doing such. Eventually, she met a couple of individuals doing weddings and so she was enticed to do the same thing. And to ensure sheid be prepared to work on these special life events, she decided to seek professional training. She studied professional events management at the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.

Years of experience
Ms. Mavie started working on weddings in 2008 and she is proud to say that she is already been behind so many successful weddings. No wonder, she has already known a lot of wedding suppliers, which makes it easier for her to help her clients achieve their dream weddings.Tagaytay weddings has been among her specialty for the past years, allowing her to know more about the place as well as the best wedding suppliers there. So, when clients approach her, asking for some help for their weddings, it is easy for her to lay down options for them depending on their budget and preference.

Concern more than anything else
Concern is also one thing every wedding coordinator should have towards her clients. A wedding coordinator is not just a mere coordinator aftell all. She is also a friend, something that is true about Ms. Mavie. The thing with her is that she has genuine concern for all the couples she works with. That is why she is willing to help them not just the best suppliers for their weddings but also the ones who can help them turn their dream wedding into reality without hurting their pockets. Apart from that, she is also happy to extend other kinds of assistance. In fact, some clients ask her to also look arrange tours for them or find them lodging for their loved ones and other guests for their wedding. With all these, she is very much willing to help. That is because every client is like a friend to her, definitely close to her heart.

Good taste and eye for detail
“Ikaw na bahala” clients would often tell Ms. Mavie. Sure, not all people who tying the knot do really knot stuff about weddings. Of course, apart from these kinds of couples, there are still those who may know things about weddings but unfortunately do not have the luxury of time to go through every single detail about them. No wonder, some just let their wedding coordinators decide on certain thingsósomething that is no longer new to her. Good thing, she has good taste and eye for detail. As long as she knows the coupleis ideals on a perfect wedding and they are clear with limitations, she is willing to go the extra mile and make the right decisions for them.

Indeed, it is never easy to become a wedding planner. No matter how fun weddings are, they still require a lot of patience and everything else to take place smoothly and beautifully. Thankfully, a wedding coordinator like Ms. Mavie of Mavie Events Management always comes to the rescue.