Let Your Plan B Save the Day: Tips for Rainy Weddings

Now that summer is already coming to an end, making way for the rainy season, it’s time to think about plan B’s again. That’s right. Because you don’t want the rain to ruin your special day, don’t you? To save your wedding day from the rain, here are some tips you may consider:

1. Have a tent, just in case.

Are you going for an outdoor wedding? If your answer is yes, then you should have a tent ready so your wedding can still push through even if it rains. Remember, it’s good to be prepared instead of just being surprised by the weather.

2. Include umbrellas in your list.

Don’t rely on weather predictions a lot. When you get married during the rainy season in the Philippines, you technically gambling. With higher probabilities of rain, it is good to just have umbrellas handy so you and your guests can still be safe and dry after.

3. Give away relevant souvenirs.

If some couples give away flip flops as souvenirs for their beach wedding, why not go with the flow and hand out something relevant? Why not give away umbrellas or stylish rain boots for everyone to make use of? This way, your wedding can be memorable, too.

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